前不久,美联航因为禁止穿紧身裤的少女登机而饱受指责,近日该公司又发生暴力驱赶亚裔乘客下机的事件。9日,在美联航一班由芝加哥飞往路易斯维尔的航班上,因航空公司超售机票,一名亚裔男性乘客被执法人员强行拽下飞机。有乘客将现场视频传至网络,视频中该男子在飞机过道上被拖行,脸上血迹斑斑。视频引发众怒,网友纷纷谴责这一“暴行”,美联航因此再次被推上风口浪尖。 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 A man was violently removed from a United Airlines flight by aviation police officials at Chicago's O'Hare international airport on Sunday, in an incident captured on video by several other passengers.
In one clip, posted by passenger Audra Bridges to Facebook, guards can be seen aggressively grabbing, and then dragging, the passenger down the aisle of the plane, which was bound for Louisville, Kentucky. Other passengers can be heard screaming and shouting "Oh my God" and "Look at what you did to him."
美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 The airline said in a statement that the flight was overbooked, and that no passengers agreed to voluntarily give up their seats. United said airline representatives chose four passengers to leave the plane at random based on ticket class, frequent flier status and check-in time, and that one man selected refused to leave his seat.
Officials then requested the assistance of law enforcement, who forcibly removed the man. Four crew members needed to get on the flight in order to work another one in Louisville or else that flight would be canceled, airline spokeswoman Maddie King said.
The Chicago aviation department said later that one of the officers did not follow protocol and had been placed on leave pending a review. Federal transportation officials said they were reviewing whether United complied with overbook rules.
美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 Passengers from the flight reported that the man was eventually allowed back on the flight, face bloodied and looking confused. Video seems to confirm that, although the reason why is unclear.
According to Bridges, the man is a doctor and told flight officials he was due for a shift at his hospital.
美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 "This is an upsetting event to all of us here at United," airline CEO Oscar Munoz said in a statement to the Guardian. "I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers. Our team is moving with a sense of urgency to work with the authorities and conduct our own detailed review of what happened."
In a statement the Chicago police department said that the man became "irate" after he was asked to disembark and that he "fell" when aviation officers "attempted to carry the individual off the flight... His head subsequently struck an armrest causing injuries to his face."
美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 The airlines contract of carriage, an agreement that all customers assent to when booking, does give United the freedom to deny ticketed passengers travel if a flight is overbooked. Passengers are entitled to either cash or a flight landing near the same time as compensation.
United also reserves the right to remove passengers from a flight if they "fail to comply with or interfere with the duties of the members of the flight crew".
不过,这些解释并没有让网友满意,推特上出现了针对美联航的吐槽大会。 有很多乘客对美联航“随机”选出亚洲乘客表示怀疑,认为其对亚洲人存在种族歧视。 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 “他们当然会选择这名亚洲男性,美联航是出了名的种族主义者。” 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 “如果你打算搭乘美联航的飞机,那么要确保自己没有穿紧身裤,且不是亚洲人。” 不少网友讽刺美联航是暴力航空公司。 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 “和美联航一起在友好的天空下飞翔。” 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 “坐飞机前,你一定要阅读美联航的附属细则:在航班出现超售机票时,我允许美联航把我打晕并把我拖下飞机。” 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 “注意!美联航的乘客们,欢迎你们的新服务员——《行尸走肉》里的露西尔。” 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 “不好意思,我们超额预订了!#美联航” 还有一些网友怒斥美联航和机警的做法,呼吁抵制该航空公司。 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 “#抵制美联航,怎么能如此对待一位交了钱的乘客。@美联航,你的暴行令人恶心。” 美联航的同行对手也忍不住发声。约旦皇家航空发推称,“我们要提醒您#美联航,拖行乘客的行为是严令禁止的。” 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 美国知名脱口秀《吉米鸡毛秀》 在节目中火力全开,甚至还专门拍了宣传片来讽刺美联航。 《洛杉矶时报》认为美联航的危机公关能力太差。NBC12台采访到的公关专家表示,美联航的应对方式是一场“公关灾难”(PR disaster)。 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 美联航首席执行官穆尼奥斯在10日发布的第一份道歉声明中,将事件轻描淡写为对乘客的“重新安置”,并在此前发送的公司内部邮件中表示支持涉事人员,称他们“按照既定程序应对相关状况”,进一步激起美国乃至世界各地网民的愤怒。 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 面对舆论风暴,穆尼奥斯11日不得不发表声明再次道歉,说美联航对这一事件“负全部责任”,将进行详细调查,并在4月30日前公布调查结果。他称: "I deeply apologize to the customer forcibly removed and to all the customers aboard. No one should ever be mistreated this way."
美媒报道,美联航暴力驱客事件的受害者系从越南移民的美国华裔医生陶大卫。11日,陶大卫称:“一切都受到了伤害(Everything is injured)”。其代理律师表示: "The family of Dr. Dao wants the world to know that they are very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers, concerns and support they have received. Currently, they are focused only on Dr. Dao's medical care and treatment."
美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 商业内幕网报道,白宫发言人斯派塞11日在例行吹风会上说,9日发生的美联航暴力驱逐乘客下机事件“令人困扰”(disturbed)。报道称: "I don't think anyone looks at the video and isn't a little disturbed that another human being is treated that way," Spicer said.
Spicer said he was sure President Donald Trump had seen the video as well.
据CNN网站财经频道报道,受到此次赶客事件的影响,11日美联航股票下跌超过1%,损失市值2.5亿美元。 美联航暴力赶客惊动白宫 公司市值暴跌 亚裔受害者发声 Of the 613 million people who flew on major US carriers in 2015, 46,000 were involuntarily denied boarding, according to data from the Department of Transportation - less than 0.008%.
The majority of those would have been informed before they boarded the flight, said Charles Leocha, the founder of passenger advocacy group Travelers United. He could not remember seeing a passenger violently dragged off a plane. "It turned my stomach," he said.
乘客利益组织“Travelers United”的创始人查尔斯•莱昂查称,大多数被拒载的乘客在登机前将得到通知。他不记得自己曾见过乘客被暴力拖下飞机。他说:“这一行为让我感到恶心。”
US fliers have become resigned to chronic delays and poor service, according to Mr Leocha, and a lack of readily available information about their rights meant they were too dependent on the airline managers in situations like these.