Thinking About the American Presidency 美国总统制漫谈 (节选自《英语世界》2016年第11期) To understand the American political system, it is important to grasp how little power the American president has at his disposal. 要了解美国的政治制度,关键是认识到美国总统权力是如何之小。 美国总统制漫谈 文/乔治·弗里德曼   译/陈平 By George Friedman Now it is time to begin paying attention to the U.S. presidential elections scheduled for Nov. 8, 2016. The election begins roughly four years before it is held, sometime around the time when the last inauguration is held. The United States is a democratic republic in which the people elect representatives, and the ultimate representative is the president, the only office for which all Americans vote. 现在是时候开始关注将于2016年11月8日举行的美国总统大选了。总统竞选活动大致始于大选的4年前,差不多就是上一届总统就职典礼举办时。美国是民主共和国,人民选出代表,而作为最终代表的总统则是唯一一个由全体美国选民投票来决定的职位。